We partnered with Efacec, a company that focuses on the international market, as well as its continuous investment in innovation and new technologies.

Efacec boasts a highly skilled and motivated human resources team, cementing the company's strong and sustained position at the forefront of the sectors where it develops its activities. For high voltage power systems Efacec provides us with a set of solutions for up to 550 kV. The range of solutions includes disconnectors, circuit breakers, withdrawable circuit breakers, switches, transformers and 11kV/33kV/60 kV switchgears.

MV/HV Switchgear

The guarantee of an excellent mechanical and electrical performance of high voltage solutions is evidenced by the documentation concerning all types of routine tests that are carried out. Efacec is known to take into account all kinds of equipment installation, even those under the most adverse weather condition.

#MV/HV Switchgear Brands