At SPS, we supply and distribute ABB's power protection portfolio which is a unique line up of UPSs, power conditioning and power switching products, designed to solve power quality issues for commercial and industrial applications.

Leading the industry in innovation and technology, ABB provides power protection to many of the world's foremost organisations ensuring the continuous operation of production manufacturing, critical IT and communication applications on a global scale.

Data centre infrastructure

Our other partner INVT is a leading total power solution. INVT is committed to offer high quality products and service to global customers. INVT's extensive research and development ensures that products and solutions are the best choice for critical power applications. The product lines cover modular UPS's, high frequency UPS's, low frequency UPS's, EPS, inverters, telecom rectifiers, batteries and much more. INVT owns advanced power supply technologies including DSP intelligent control systems, fully digital parallel technique, fully IGBT technology UPS and advanced protection techniques. INVT also manufactures frequency drives for low voltage to medium voltage range of superior quality.

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